Book Review: “Love in an Undead Age” by A. M. Geever

It’s here! Finally out for public consumption and you really need to consume this.

Many years ago, when I was starting out on my own writing journey, I was fortunate to meet the author Anne Geever and even luckier to become friend with her. I’ll never forget the day that we went for a hike in Edgewood Park, Redwood City. I still have the visual of us on a narrow dirt track, winding through trees as we confessed to each other that we were writing novels.

I remember being as excited about her project as I was about my own. I loved the ideas behind it, loved hearing her share in-depth that part of the iceberg that doesn’t get written down but is pointed to by the words on the page. Anne had it all, and it was fabulous.

Still too self-conscious to call ourselves writers, we decided nevertheless that we needed to start a writer’s group…and we did. We went to courses and workshops and picked up wonderful people along the way to join our group, and we wrote and wrote. We still do…

Love in an Undead Age is a love story. It’s a love story with zombies… If you like Walking Dead,  especially in the early days, you’re gonna love this!

Connor’s breath came in scraping gasps as he sprinted across Monterey Avenue.

“The bank!” Seffie shouted.

Connor saw it on the corner: a squat Bank of America building. Low enough that they could get to the roof, but high enough that they could escape the horde. He glanced over at Mike.

Mike wasn’t there.

Connor skidded to a halt and turned back. Mike was down on one knee, still by the motel down the road, trying to shake off two zombies. If they got him down, he was done for.

Without thinking Connor ran back. From his peripheral vision he could see zombies – tens of them, soon maybe hundreds – spilling out from the parking lots and abandoned buildings of this semi-industrial strip of old San Jose. They were closing in from all sides, stalking their prey with an inexorable herky-jerky momentum.

Love in an Undead Age by A.M. Geever

Miranda is a zombie-ass kicking woman who had given up on love until a blast from the past arrives into town. A team is deployed on a special mission that hopes to turn the tables on the zombie threat, and Miranda finds herself rubbing shoulders with old flames. It gets heated…quickly.

The Rover spun in a circle before tipping on two wheels. Miranda tried to correct but it was too late. The concrete roadway rushed towards her window, and then she was upside down. Her head thumped the headrest and spots danced before her eyes. They slid across the pavement in a shower of sparks and flame. Delilah yipped and whimpered in the back seat.

The noise and chaos was supplanted by an eerie silence and the steady drum of the rain. She felt Connor’s hand on her arm.

“You okay?” she asked. The coppery taste of blood tinged her mouth. She smacked at the flamethrower switch. The reflection of bright yellow flames vanished from the wet concrete.

Connor grimaced as he moved his shoulder. “Good enough. We have to get out of here.”

More gunfire – short, controlled bursts – then footsteps running towards them. Miranda heard the click of Connor’s seatbelt while she struggled with her own. He fell to the roof of the car with a groan.

“Mine’s stuck!” she hissed. She felt for the machete mounted on the ceiling below her but it wasn’t there anymore. She tried the door. Jammed.

Love in an Undead Age by A.M. Geever

Anne does a great job of bringing a situation that is worlds from our comprehension slap bang into everyday life. She sprinkles tongue-in-cheek humor throughout the story like magic dust, keeping it fresh and exciting.

Miranda turned her attention back to her lunch when it hit her: the woman was wearing heels. Very high heels. She hadn’t seen anyone in a pair in years.

“It’s her shoes!” she hissed. “She’s wearing heels!”

Karen regarded Miranda with a puzzled expression. “Why is that weird? Lots of women have started wearing them again. I just got a pair myself. I forgot how much they pinch your toes.”

“Lots of women are wearing them?” Miranda squeaked, her voice getting higher with each word. “Since when?”

“Not everyone plays in the dirt for a living and considers sneakers snazzy footwear, Miri.”

“How do you outrun a zombie in high heels?”

“Oh Miri, honestly! You make it sound like there are zombies around every corner,” Karen said with a dismissive wave of her hand. “Things are so much better now. Why not live a little?” Karen mustered a faint grin, no doubt at the prospect of having footwear fashion trends to follow.

Love in an Undead Age by A.M. Geever

You’ll love the high tension and excitement of the zombie attack scenes and equally the tender moments at the heart of the story.

This is the story that converted me to a serious zombie fan. If you aren’t one yet, you will be after you read this. It’s available here – check it out. You’ll be glad you did…

Byddi Lee