Over The Hill

If I could spend a week in one place in New Zealand, Abel Tasman National Park is where I’d choose to spend that time. Situated at the north western corner of the South Island, it is a beautiful coastal paradise. Last time I visited this park, I kayaked at Kaiteriteri. Here you’ll find the iconic Split Apple Rocka Kodak moment if ever there was one!

This time I wanted to venture deeper into the park, to see what was on “the other side” at Golden Bay. It wasn’t hard to see where the name came from! 

To get here we had to travel “Over The Hill” on a heart-stoppingly winding road, with steep drop-offs. The view from the top was pretty epic.
The alarming warning sign bothered me…

… not the skidding per say – more the fact that it’s physically impossible for any car to make skid marks in this shape. It really buzzed my OCD!

We stayed in Pohara, in another beautiful, self-contained cottage over looking the bay at the Pohara Beachfront Motel.

We’d brought our own food since the place was so remote and cooked in the cottage. A walk on the beach and early to bed – a beautifully relaxing evening.

Abel Tasman Park only has one road that we could take our rental car on…

 …and even that was iffy!

With more time you could hike or water taxi this area. I’d love to have had more time to explore the golden beaches,

…the little harbors

…and simply kick back and watch life go by – such as this bird collecting materials for its nest, I presume. Unless it was just tidying up the beach!

And even in this remotest of remote spots…joy of joys – a coffee shop!

Great coffee, a spectacular view and the best of company…

Being “Over The Hill” certainly has its perks!

Byddi Lee