Rejuvenation 3 – The Grand Finale

Writing is a lot like gardening – you plant your bulbs in the dark days of winter and then they surprise you by actually growing and coming up all at once!

Castrum Press celebrate their release of Rejuvenation Book 3 with FREE Kindle copies of Rejuvenation Book 1.

The clocks went back today here in Ireland. Winter is on its way and we’re in lockdown again. There isn’t much to do other than read a good book. Or if you’re feeling like sitting back and relaxing, why not take advantage of the globalization of entertainment due to COVID 19 and watch an original Irish play on YouTube?

I’m delighted to say that the final instalment of the Rejuvenation Trilogy is now out on Kindle and in paperback.

Thank you to the Arts Council NI and for awarding me SIAP National Lottery funding last year which allowed me to finish Rejuvenation Book 3 and wrap up the Rejuvenation Trilogy so that it could be published by Castrum Press this year.

Out of a clear, blue sky a mysterious alien race wreaked havoc on planet Earth, thus beginning the Melter War. Alien energy weapons struck the Polar ice caps. Oceans rose, drowned huge swathes of land, swallowed up great cities and left much of the earth as an irradiated wasteland. Millions of people died.

But a saviour emerged; Lisette Fox and her Belus Corporation supplied the weapons and technology to defeat the Melters and brought peace back to the world.

Some two decades later Bobbie Chan, a child at the outbreak of war, now works as a doctor caring for the ultra-elderly. Bobbie encounters a previously unidentified disease; ‘Rejuvenation’ which makes the old young but has homicidal side effects.

In this gripping final instalment of Byddi Lee’s Rejuvenation trilogy Bobbie discovers the shocking truth behind the Melters’ attack and Rejuvenation. Bobbie faces a decision with untold consequences, not only for Bobbie, but for the entire human race.

I’m even more thrilled to be able to tell you that you can grab a FREE copy of Rejuvenation Book 1 on Kindle until the 27th October 2020. So if you haven’t read it, now’s a great time to see what all the buzz is about. If you have already read it, why not surprise a friend and gift them a Kindle book? They’ll be happy that you thought of them.

And if you enjoyed that, Rejuvenation Book 2 is on special offer for 99p/99c until 29th October.

With these fabulous offers from Castrum Press, you can read the entire Rejuvenation Trilogy for less than five bucks!

Now, what was I saying about an original Irish Play?

Oh yeah – During the first lockdown, I teamed up with local writers Malachi Kelly and Tim Hanna and we wrote Zoomeo & Juliet, a play for live staging through the medium of Zoom and produced by the amazingly talented Margery Quinn. It was wonderful to watch her bring our words, characters and plot to life with the cast from the Armagh Theatre Group. People tuned in from all over the world to enjoy the ticketed live performances. You can catch a recording of the performance, free on YouTube, complete with bloopers at the end!

By the end of the summer, it was clear that the theatres were not going to open this side of Christmas, so we three met again and wrote a sequel to Zoomeo & Juliet  called Social Bubble, Toil & Trouble.

Expertly produced by Margery Quinn, it unveils the further antics of our favourite Am Dram Afficionados battling the infuriating constraints of living with coronavirus whilst endeavouring to bring “quality” drama to their long-suffering supporters.

Is Dan still hooked on the Bard?
Has Jill found her pussy?
Is Ray really in Donegal?
Has Pat been whisked away by talent spotters?
Could they all be “replaced” by some “new kids” on the block?

Find out by joining one of our three live Zoom performances this November…

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Hopefully this helps provide some light relief and entertains you despite the times we are in right now.

If you are a member of a book club and would like to book me in for an Author Q&A zoom session, please feel free to contact me by email. I love discussing any of my books and look forward to meeting you online.

In the meantime, I need to get out into my real garden and get some crocus bulbs planted for the spring because although winter is upon us, Spring is sure to follow…

Byddi Lee