Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year starting with Flash Fiction Saturday Night in the Museum

I’m recycling this picture from last year mainly because it’s one of my favourite photos of Armagh and also because it’s probably the only snow we’re going to see in Armagh this Christmas and that’s fine with me because Christmas and New Years means many of us are on the roads travelling to visit loved ones and the snow makes all that difficult and dangerous. As much as I do love snow, I have an additional reason for wanting mild weather over the next few weeks – our next Flash Fiction event has drawn writers not just from as far away as Tyrone and Newry, but Flash Fiction Armagh goes international in 2019 with 3 brilliant writers coming all the way from Paris, France especially to read at Flash Fiction Saturday Night at the Museum!

We are excited to announce our line up for this event taking place in the Armagh County Museum on Saturday, 5th January 2019 at 7 pm. It’s a truly international crew this time with writers laying claim to a total of (at least) 6 nationalities and 2 continents! Flash Fiction Armagh presents:

Omaya Nasser  End of the Line
Mark Brownlee Armagh
Kieran McGurk Blobby
Seán Farry Cás na dteifeach – Tá dhá thaobh ar an bhád and Feidhmiú  an Ranga
Sue Divin  Says Himself
Elaine Toal Revisiting
Karen Mooney A More Sustainable Future
Malachi Kelly Mother Son and Ghost
Trish Bennet Kilty Relics
Jay Faulkner Always and Forever
P.V. Wolseley L’ Origine du Monde Speaks and La Grande Odalisque
Nina Francus To Wander, lost
Anne Mc Master Gardeners World
Réamonn Ó Ciaráin   Bás Chúchulainn

Have a peaceful Christmas and a wonderful New Year, and here’s hoping that 2019 brings us all a world with more tolerance and love, and don’t forget to join in the Revolution of Tenderness where you can. Click here to read a little Flash Fiction Trilogy I wrote a couple of years back…

Byddi Lee