A Walk Around Seagahan Dam on a Summer’s Evening

My heart is full and sure how could it not be? A warm summer’s day in Ireland is a magical place.

The sunsets these past few days are like nothing I’ve ever experienced anywhere in the world. With the long evenings – sunset at 9.45pm – the sun takes a long amble to the horizon in tones of pink gold. Everyone is in great form and each greeting includes, “Lovely day, isn’t it?” And a lovely day (or few days) it has been.

The fields are bursting full of flowers…

…and cute baby animals.

And there’s the mysterious headless horse of Ballymacnab!

Okay, maybe this is a better angle of him, grazing contentedly under the full moon.

Yes, my heart is full of the joy of being home in Ireland on a warm summer day.

On one such warm evening this week, we took a walk up around Seagahan Dam, a reservoir a few miles south of Armagh City that features in my new book.

A new walkway allows a circuit of the dam. It’s so peaceful, as night drops down, and the fishermen try to catch that last elusive big-guy lurking in the shallows. His advice to us – buy a rod! I must say I’m tempted…

Not only did we have a spectacular sunset but also a stunning moonrise.

And there was me travelling around the world, crying for the moon when all along it was here in our very own Armagh drinking water. Does moonshine come out of the taps here? I’d say there’s the evidence for it!

Byddi Lee