The writing of March to November

My Mum has read it. She keeps saying things to me like, “I can’t believe you did ….. in the book.” (Note no spoilers!) And I keep stressing to her that it’s not me! They are fictitious characters, Mum.

March to November is not biographical. None of the characters are based on anyone person.

March to November is however a kind of mosaic – a mosaic of events and themes and personalities that many of us ordinary people can relate to.

One of my life-long friends often says, “The world of full of the broken-hearted.” This book is for those of us who have had our hearts broken. It’s for those of us who have had a friend or family member who did something to let us down, but we chose to love them anyways. It’s for those of us who feel like square pegs struggling to fit into the world we have to live in. It’s for those of us trying to forge ahead despite the echoes of our past. It’s for those of us who struggle with having our life plan turned on it’s head. It’s for those of us who choose forgiveness over grief.

Even though March to November is set in Belfast, I purposefully avoided the writing a book about oppression, bombs and barricades, but read deeper and you’ll see the same message I would have written into any book about the Troubles – the power of forgiveness. Because forgiveness like love is a decision we all have to make, all the time, on many different levels of life. Forgiveness is hard, really hard, but really freeing too. We can do it if we try.

And finally, March to November is my way of saying, “Thank-you” to the heart-breakers in my own life, for making me better than I was before, for me giving the opportunity to enrich my soul and teaching me I could learn to love again – better.

I believe we are all a little bit of each character in March to November. 

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