Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween - blame the Irish!

Here in California, I get asked often at this time of year if we have Halloween in Ireland. I love telling people we sure do, in fact we started the whole thing. The Druids, native to Ireland (and Britain) began the festival to honor the Lord of the Dead, Samhein, on October 31st. I came across an interesting web article about it on (Holy Bible! It must be true...) that said the Irish started trick-or-treating too.

But regardless of who started it, and even if you don't believe in ghosts or witches, I can provide proof today that zombies do exist...

On Sunday 20th of October downtown San Jose was swarmed by zombies...

I know because I was on my way to prom and I was attacked and... well... see for yourself!

A photographer just happened by and his photos of the entire event can be viewed on his website.

One of the funniest most gruesome moments was when a Bride and Groom were getting their wedding photos taken (for real) and they invited us to swarm them for a photo opt. (After making us promise not to dirty the wedding dress!)

Zombies also exist in nature too - really! Check this out...

And ants are susceptible too - I enjoyed the Irish guy in the Guinness tee shirt. Who's worried about cliches!

And gardeners beware, for in your very own gardens there are MUMMIES! I've seen them with my own two eyes...

And I welcome them too, because they signal the demise of aphids - hurray!

You get a good picture of what these mummies look like at 1.20 on the video. These are a sign that beneficials are hard at work in your garden, predating on Aphids.

Hope you all have a better Halloween than these beasties!

Happy Halloween

Byddi Lee