Heaven in a wildflower

I have to admit that enjoying gardening as much as I do has surprised me. Is it an age thing? Wait!  I’m not that old.  But I don’t remember being as “into’ gardening in my twenties, (though I did garden – sporadically) and definitely not in my teens.

But now? Well, I’m not ashamed to say that the garden is my favorite place to be. You can have your trendy night clubs and your foreign beach holidays (I was never into those anyway) – nothing makes my heart glow like the emergence of tender dicotyledons or the first unfolding of a new blossom; better than unveiling any work of art.  The garden is natures own gallery.

The first (of many, I hope) Californian Poppy blossomed last Saturday at 2.30pm.  How do I know the precise time? One moment it was sitting there in its green Wee Willy Winky hat, then a band of golden orange appeared at the bottom, and whilst I went to get the camera, the hat must have popped off, leaving the petals glowing back at the afternoon sun. And here’s the Wee Willy Winky hat. Notice the one still to pop to the right of my pinky finger.

There was another surprise that day in the garden.  As I was picking our daily quota of oranges, (boy those things are easy to overdose on!) I found the strangest looking bird’s nest.  It looked more like an old woolly sock – about 8 inches long and about 2.5 inches wide. What kind of bird lives here?  A tiny one but not a humming bird.  I refuse to guess as my last bird guess was so off base! Any suggestions welcome – would that be some good old fashioned tweeting perhaps?

It does look very cozy.  In fact, more cozy that the human-built bird-house. It has a resident spider, or at least a web across the front door, waiting as if to be cut like a ribbon at a grand opening ceremony.  No inhabitants yet but what can you expect? Cute as it is, it’s not quite real bird-made estate!

And then, there’s just more and more blossoms. Check out this spoon-petaled daisy one of the Master Gardeners gave me. She brought it in to give away as she had a load of them and had decided to give it to the first person to admire it – and that was yours truly! Not only is it nice to be nice, but sometimes you get free stuff too.

The anemones are a riot of different colors – I’m not good at having a color coordinated garden. My philosophy is that all flower colors are gorgeous – why be selective!

 Especially when some flowers are more than one color. Here is a tulip that spent two months in my fridge before being planted.  This is the first, again, I hope, of many.

As the sun dies in the Western Pacific, in its death throes at the end of another day, it cloaks my garden in golden rays .  Like a good writer, it promises more good things in the next chapter that tomorrow is. 


As I wander round my garden feeling a chill as night steals softly in, I’m reminded of a quote that I found as a teenager, (perhaps I wasn’t quite a waster back then after all) but I  don’t know who the author of the quote was (okay – so maybe I was a waster – but I had fun!) …someone famous no doubt, whom I should know…

“To see the world in a grain of sand,

And heaven in a wildflower,

To hold infinity in the palm of my hand,

And eternity in an hour…”

Or something like that!
Byddi Lee

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  1. beautiful photos and a great post. I agree completely

  2. Oh I love the photo of the poppy, and didn't you just catch it at the right time! I would love to see one of their little hats pop off, lol, maybe you could set up a time lapse camera?!

  3. I can envision you now, stalking your Eschscholzia, plucking their little hats from the tops of their orange heads all through the spring ­čśë It's actually quite fun. I love the golden light on the tree in your last photograph, it's gorgeous!

  4. @ Ali – Time lapse….now there's an idea…hmmmmm

    @ Curbstone Valley Farm – Ha! I was actually out this evening photographing on which had split and was about to pop!

  5. Don't you worry about the poppies, you will soon pull them from the areas of the garden where you want to grow other things…And there will be a riot of orange everywhere else.

    Early start, though, congratulations!

  6. Ja te┼╝ sie nie wstydz─Ö m├│wi─ç, ze ogr├│d jest moim ulubionym miejscem. Jednak podr├│┼╝e te┼╝ lubi─Ö, bo lubie oglada─ç kwiaty, krzewy drzewa, ogrody w krajach o innej roslinno┼Ťci, ni┼╝ w Polsce. A domek dla ptaszkow jest ┼Ťliczny. Pozdrawiam

  7. Thanks Giga – I've translated using an online translator – hope you don't mind…

    "I also do not feel ashamed to speak, the garden is my favorite place. But I like traveling because I like to watch the flowers, bushes, trees and gardens in countries with different vegetation, than in Poland. A home for birds is beautiful. Yours"

  8. I would like to confirm a bush tit nest. They weave this amazing structure just like your described.

  9. Thanks Bracey – the recent wild weather has taken it's toll on it, but it is still hanging in there.

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